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Pandora Saga is an NES style 8-bit top down action adventure game in the style of the Legend of Zelda. This download is about 30 minutes of gameplay as a technical demo / tutorial of the game engine. It is not intended as a full game, but a stand-alone release to introduce the project to the world.

Please support this project so we can afford to continue development, build a proper crowdfunding campaign and hire a composer to give this game the kind of soundtrack it deserves.

Engine Features:

  • Classic NES Legend of Zelda gameplay
  • Choose your character
  • Multiple adventures with separate save slots
  • Lots of different weapons and items to find and use
  • Ultima-inspired Darkness and Reagent collection/spell-casting
  • Lots of puzzle mechanics and challenges
  • Dynamic shop system allows for currency or barter trades
  • Darkness and Weather effects
  • Elemental magic and enemies
  • Adventures across all kinds of terrain, below ground and even in the sky
  • Lots of secrets to discover (including lost forests, illusions and hidden passages)

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